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Be ahead of the game and protect your brand with us. New gTLDs will soon be available for registration. On the 30th of August, 2013, 1,745 new gTLDs passed ICANN’s Initial Evaluation phase and are inching closer to their launch date. Benefit from the early bird registration and secure your trademark with one registration and protection across multiple new gTLDs. Take advantage of the Sunrise period and Trademark claims for the new gTLDs and avoid the hassles of domain name dispute resolution.

What is a Sunrise period?

Sunrise is an initial period of at least 30 days before domain names are offered to the general public. Trademark owners can take advantage of the Sunrise to safeguard the domain name that matches their trademark. A Sunrise Period is mandatory for all new gTLDs. So, to be prepared for “the biggest Sunrise ever”, you must make sure that you protect your trademark.

What is the Trademark Claims service?

The Trademark Claims service follows the Sunrise. It is a notification service mandated for all new gTLDs – to warn both domain name registrants as well as trademark holders of possible infringements.

Category gTLDS
Business .agency .business .company .corp .enterprises .foundation .global .gmbh .inc .industries .institute .limited .llc .llp .ltd .ltda .market .ngo .ong .sarl .services
Industry .auto .autos .bio .boats .boutique .build .builders .car .cars .casino .catering .cleaning .clothing .construction .cruises .design .diamonds .earth .eco .energy .farm
Money .bank .banque .cash .credit .creditcard .creditunion .finance .financial .fund .holdings .investments .loan .loans .money
Lifestyle .baby .beauty .bet .bible .bingo .bom .camp .cards .care .catholic .christmas .church .cool .country .dad .date .dating .diy .dog .events .faith
Real Estate .apartments .casa .condos .estate .haus .home .homes .house .immo .immobilien .land .lease .maison .mls .mortgage .place .properties .property .realestate .realty .reit
Sports .baseball .basketball .bike .cricket .dance .fish .fishing .football .futbol .golf .hockey .horse .indians .moto .motorcycles .racing .rodeo .rugby .run .ski .soccer
Technology .app .blog .box .cam .camera .chat .click .cloud .codes .computer .comsec .contact .data .digital .direct .directory .domains .download .email .fail .feedback
Media .art .audio .band .book .broadway .buzz .exposed .film .gallery .hiphop .media .mov .movie .music .news .photo .photography .photos .pics .pictures .press
Food and Drink .bar .beer .cafe .coffee .cooking .eat .food .kitchen .kosher .menu .organic .pizza .pub .recipes .rest .restaurant .vin .vodka .wine
Professional .abogado .accountant .accountants .actor .archi .architect .associates .attorney .broker .career .careers .consulting .contractors .cpa .dds .engineer .engineering .esq .expert
Health .clinic .dental .dentist .diet .doctor .fit .fitness .health .healthcare .hiv .hospital .med .medical .pharmacy .skin .surgery
Adult .adult .porn .sex .sexy
Commerce .ads .auction .bargains .bid .blackfriday .buy .cab .capital .center .charity .cheap .claims .coupon .coupons .deal .deals .delivery .discount .ecom .equipment .exchange
Education .academy .college .degree .education .ged .how .mba .phd .prof .school .schule .science .shiksha .university
Government .airforce .army .democrat .gop .navy .overheidnl .republican
Generic .black .blue .boo .city .club .community .day .dot .final .here .hot .ing .new .one .red .rocks .top .town .web .website .win
City .roma .moscow .kyoto .helsinki .cologne .berlin .taipei .nyc .madrid .istanbul .durban .brussels .vegas .abudhabi .paris .miami .koeln .hamburg .capetown .yokohama .barcelona .sydney .nagoya .london .ist .dubai .boston .tokyo .osaka .melbourne .joburg .gent .budapest .wien .amsterdam
Regional / Cultural .tatar .ryukyu .okinawa .irish .desi .arab .tirol .scot .persiangulf .krd .frl .bzh .vlaanderen .africa .swiss .ruhr .nrw .gcc .cymru .zulu .aquitaine .thai .saarland .pars .kiwi .eus .bayern .ummah .shia .quebec .nowruz .gal .corsica .wales .alsace

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