GNBO is Leaving! What Now?

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  1. This is well understood.

    It is truly a painless transition that saves one all the troubles, especially with the provision of a site builder similar to the Google platform.

    Well done Upperlink

  2. This is well understood.

    It is truly a painless transition that saves one all the troubles, especially with the provision of a site builder similar to the GNBO platform.

    Well done Upperlink.

    How can one access your site builder plateform?

  3. SAM says:

    We are pleased with your services as they are worldclass and responsive.

    We wish you guide us through the transition process.

    Let’s know what is required.

    Best Regards.

    Technical Director


    send me the site builder website please.

  5. frank says:

    How much does it cost to create a website?

  6. What’s does the palm cost? We need more details please.

    • Oluseun Taylor says:

      Hello Adewumi,

      It all depends on the plan you would like to purchase. The lowest plan which comes with 5GB – which is more than enough for basic sites, costs ₦2,500 annually. This hosting plan also comes with the free SiteBuilder which you can use to build your new site with.

      You should already have a domain name, so you’ll just need to get the hosting, and we will have your domain name point to your new hosting plan.

      If you need more clarifications and details, you can always send us an email at

      Have an awesome day!

  7. john s m egwu says:

    My website has expired. I sent mail to you promising to renew soon but I have not done so before this problem. Can anything be retrieved?

  8. Felix says:

    Thanks for this enlightenment but this is coming too later. I personal have paid some money before now without having any useful thing out of it.
    If your services will work well and affordable, I will go with it

  9. We will like to deal with, but our site will be redevelope and what is the cost layout.

  10. Samuel Agoh says:

    Kindly give us further directive how to proceed from here at once before it is too late. Thanks for the rescue.

  11. That was really toughtful and innovative. I wish to always use my site through your organisation.

  12. adewale says:

    I ve a web I want to swap and to modernise it .what is the cost

  13. Gigi says:

    please can i get phone number in can call to make enquries, i think i have migrated to upper links but i need to be website is hence the reason why i prefer to call so if i have not i will cross over immediately .

  14. Bunmi says:

    Thanks for making sense out of the non-sense. Thanks for coming up with a solution which would have ended up making a foreign business richer. Actually got in touch with the proposed web based company that google offered. Their fees is not cheap and moreover, its in US dollars.
    Please the 2pm timing (for website building tutorials) @ your premises is restrictive! Kindly arrange a morning session for those who cant make afternoon sessions – due to prior commitments e.g school runs to pick up kids at the close of day. Thank you

  15. Thanks so very much, well understood. But please kindly send your office number to the above e mail address.


  16. Will liie to migrate to Upperlink is it e commerce enabled if yes how much

    • Oluseun Taylor says:

      The Upperlink hosting plans support ecommerce solutions. You will have to get a web developer build on for you.

      The Site Builder does not come with ecommerce capabilities, unfortunately. If you need an ecommerce solution, you can always contact us via email at or talk to Ope at +234.806.612.3787.

  17. Good one upper link but i will like to have other hosting plans
    and secondly can i create my personalized email
    thirdly pls do a video on the tutorial
    Proudly 9JA

    • Oluseun Taylor says:

      Hello Slounet,

      Thank you for your comment.

      If you ever need more information on other hosting plans, you can call Samuel at +234.909.697.4051. He will give you the information you need with all the details pertaining to each plan. You could also email and make you enquiry.

      You can always create personal emails with a hosting plan. These emails will take the form of the domain tied to the hosting plan. For more features and functionalities, you could check out Google Apps for Work – they don’t just offer personalized emails, they offer productivity and collaboration tools. Call Bolaji at 0803.308.8875 for info on that.

      A video on the tutorial is a great idea! Once we get that running, we will have a blog post with the link to it and other information you might need for that. Thanks for the suggestion!

  18. How do i migrate from GNBO ?

  19. Mahassin says:

    Please all my domain based email addresses have stopped working due to the exit of gnbo. Please what do I need to do to get them back up and running?

  20. Olaitan says:

    The number you specified is not on the network, which number can you be reached on please?

  21. Paul says:

    how do I have my website back?

    • Oluseun Taylor says:

      Hello Paul,

      I’m glad you got to leave a question here.

      I don’t think there is a possibility of retrieving your website from the Google hosting servers. They were all taken down over a year ago.

      There are ways, however to retrieve a snapshot of your site. You could go to the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine and type in your site’s web address. You may be lucky and the engine may have taken a snapshot of your site. This, however, will only all you copy words and maybe some pictures of your site.

      I suggest you rebuild your site from the ground up. Speak to a site developer about what new trends are available to make your site more appealing and more modern. With the method mentioned above, you will at least have a guide on where to start rebuilding your site.

      Please don’t hesitate to call us at 0909.697.4051 or 0708.268.1212 or email us at for more information. Have a great weekend!

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