About us

Upperlink Limited is an incorporated company whose core areas of specialization are in Internet Applications and Database Management Software Development. The company has developed strategic partnerships with InterSwitch for payment solution integration, Google for GApps for business and education, SAP for the deployment and management of its suite of enterprise solutions, and a host of others.
Upperlink have also built a proprietary payment engine that is installed in commercial banks to automate payment processes for different clients across varying business sectors, government and educational institutions.

Our Focus:
We are a company with a strong commitment to align Nigeria and Africa with the global community whose economic and business activities is Information Technology driven. That has made us to relate with constitutional authorities that are in control of Information Technology policies in Nigeria such as NITDA, NIRA, CPN, NCS etc.

Our Vision:
To be a leading business solutions provider in Africa

Our Mission:
To create secure and reliable world class solutions that facilitate business process automation using the best people and the right technology.

Our People
The firm is constituted of seasoned professionals in the fields of Management, Engineering, Software Development, Computer Science, Marketing and Business Finance. We work with a strategic blueprint that identifies the needs in the market and develops solutions to meet these needs beyond the expectations of clients using cutting edge technologies.